conformal transformation

conformal transformation
конформное преобразование

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  • conformal transformation — see under ↑transform • • • Main Entry: ↑conform conformal transformation (mathematics) A change of shape that still preserves a one to one matching of points in the original surface with points in the new surface, as in map making • • • Main… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Conformal geometry — In mathematics, conformal geometry is the study of the set of angle preserving (conformal) transformations on a space. In two real dimensions, conformal geometry is precisely the geometry of Riemann surfaces. In more than two dimensions,… …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal map — For other uses, see Conformal (disambiguation). A rectangular grid (top) and its image under a conformal map f (bottom). It is seen that f maps pairs of lines intersecting at 90° to pairs of curves still intersecting at 90°. In mathematics, a… …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal symmetry — In theoretical physics, conformal symmetry is a symmetry under dilatation (scale invariance) and under the special conformal transformations. Together with the Poincaré group these generate the conformal symmetry group. The conformal group has… …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal equivalence — In mathematics and theoretical physics, two geometries are conformally equivalent if there exists a conformal transformation (an angle preserving transformation) that maps one geometry to the other one. More generally, two Riemannian metrics on a …   Wikipedia

  • conformal — adjective Etymology: Late Latin conformalis having the same shape, from Latin com + formalis formal, from forma Date: 1893 1. leaving the size of the angle between corresponding curves unchanged < conformal transformation > 2. of a map… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • conformal — [kənfôr′məl] adj. [< LL(Ec) conformalis, conformable, similar < L conformare: see CONFORM] 1. Math. of a transformation in which corresponding angles are equal 2. designating or of a map projection in which shapes at any point are true, but …   English World dictionary

  • Conformal pictures — Here are examples of conformal maps understood as deforming pictures. This technique is a generalization of domain coloring where the domain space is not colored by a fixed infinite color wheel but by a finite picture tiling the plane. A… …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal field theory — A conformal field theory (CFT) is a quantum field theory (or statistical mechanics model at the critical point) that is invariant under conformal transformations. Conformal field theory is often studied in two dimensions where there is an… …   Wikipedia

  • Transformation optics — Electromagnetism Electricity · …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal radius — In mathematics, the conformal radius is a way to measure the size of a simply connected planar domain D viewed from a point z in it. As opposed to notions using Euclidean distance (say, the radius of the largest inscribed disk with center z),… …   Wikipedia

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